Our Story

Over 20 years of publishing excellence

The language problem

Kyoto, Japan, 1995. Biologist Dr. Patrick Hughes, editing another research paper on behalf of his colleagues who struggled with English, saw a problem. If your research isn't published because it cannot be clearly understood, then it's as if it never took place. Having worked in Europe and Asia, Patrick knew the problem was widespread.

Medical and life science research makes essential contributions to our society and world at large, for the benefit of our health, environment and future. It is critical that this research can be read and understood clearly, so that no finding is left behind because of the language barrier. Bioedit was founded in 2001 with the goal of using those skills we can offer, as both scientists who can understand this work and skilled editors who can articulate it, to help authors publish their results in the best English language journals and further the reach of their discoveries worldwide.    

“Bioedit was founded because I saw first-hand the difficulties faced by researchers, my own colleagues, in getting their work published in English language journals. I was able to help them in the lab, over 20 years ago, and Bioedit continues to do this now for authors around the world.”
Dr. Patrick Hughes, CEO Bioedit

Experience is key

Fast forward to today, tens of thousands of edited manuscripts later, and you find Bioedit still focused on Patrick's original mission to provide scientific language editing services. Based in Manchester, UK, our dedicated team of researchers and English language specialists offer unrivalled experience, not only in what it takes to critique, develop, and polish a scientific text, but also in the rigours of the publication process. With the benefit of this knowledge, we can help spot potential problems during peer review, answer your questions and give advice when you need it, and even help you to find the perfect journal to publish your findings in.  

Understanding your needs

During our extensive time working with researchers, we've learned a few things along the way to help ensure your use of our services is stress-free and helpful. Our popular revisions service has been tailored to meet authors' needs by including additional rounds of editing free of charge so that, by working together, we can find the perfect expression for your meaning. Need us to write you a cover letter, or help you reply to peer review comments? No problem. We offer super fast services for when you're running out of time, cost effective options for when you have huge grant applications or entire books to edit, and flexible payment options through a secure website. Trust us, we've got it covered!

“I'd love to inform you that our manuscript was finally accepted to Nature. I appreciate you very much that your edition of our previous version of manuscript was so helpful to be accepted.”
Osaka University

The attention you deserve

Many of the authors we helped back in 2001 are still coming back to Bioedit today. We're particularly proud of this because of the value we place on growing long-term working partnerships with the researchers and labs who place their trust in us. Our PhD-qualified editors are paid for the time they spend on your work, not the number of pages they read, thus ensuring they can do a thorough, careful job, while being paid fairly for their expertise. Every manuscript we edit is checked a second time by our graduate proofreading team to maintain our high standards. We believe in doing things the right way. Your valuable research deserves no less.

“It has been long time I have asked you to edit our manuscripts. I appreciate for a series of your wonderful works and also, your help for my collaborators at Kyoto University. I am now a professor at Fukushima Medical University and a dean of graduate school. Your help was quite important for my career. Thank you.”
Fukushima Medical University

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